NORMA is a festival of theatre and contemporary art held in Ostrava. Organised by PLATO Ostrava and by Studio Hrdinů, a Prague-based theatre.



Festival NORMA:

Leïla Ka: Pode ser (FR)

  • cancelled
  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Choreography, dance: Leïla Ka

Light design: Laurent Fallot



Multiple award-winning performance by French dancer Leïla Ka combines Schubert’s music and hip hop.

Portuguese expression pode ser can be translated as it can be or as maybe, maybe not. This double meaning is clearly expressed in the combination of various dance styles presented as a dance solo. Leïla Ka’s performance is as its most impressive in the singularly intimate while also fighting and fascinating presence on the minimalist stage.

Enclosed in her own world where her own rules apply and prevent her, among other things, to remove her hands from her shoulders, Leïla Ka dances to a mix of music by Schubert and hip hop and creates a world which we cannot enter, we can only succumb to it.

Originally coming from urban dance, Leïla quickly oriented herself towards a mix of practices and developed her work from merging genres that go beyond the conventions and codes from which they are composed. After having worked as a performed, most notably for Maguy Marin – where she discovered a danced theatricality that remains an important form of possibilities in her own choreographic work – she launched into the creation of her first piece Pode ser. In this solo (2018), awarded by five international prizes, and performed yet more than 60 times, she flirts freely with contemporary urban dance and theater in an attempt to illustrate the complexity and difficulty of being. She revisits this theme within the frame of community in her second creation, a duo, C’est toi qu’on adore (2020).

Leïla Ka: Pode ser, photo: Olivier Mouazan

Awards: 1st prize at the International Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart, 1 st prize at the Solo Dance Contest—Gdański Festiwal Tańca, Price for choreography at the Festival CortoInDanca (Italy), Audience award and 1st prize at the Festival SoloDuo (Köln)